Холли Берри жалеет о поздних родах

Halle berry gave an interview to InStyle, which said that sorry about late delivery. Says 52-year-old actress, she could be the mother of at least five children, if I went into labor early.

Холли Берри жалеет о поздних родах

“All of these hormones made me feel amazing! I felt very feminine and sexy during both pregnancies and clearly understand its purpose. I felt my body doing exactly what it was created. In addition, I loved being pregnant! I start a little earlier, I probably would have five children. If I hadn’t been in a movie, it would have been a wonderful surrogate mother,” shared berry in an interview with reporters.

The mother of 11-year-old daughter Nala and five year old son maseo believes that the pregnancy only made her life better. The actress became responsible, got new values and goals in life. By the way, her children do not care that their mother is a world famous star!

“My daughter learned that I was a popular actress, from school friends. The son is constantly making fun of me in public. For example, the diner can say loudly: “Halle berry, you can pass me the ketchup?”. He sees that it causes a reaction in humans but not yet fully understand why,” said Halle berry.

The star was caught in the fact that it embarrassed their children. “I noticed that you talked about this several times already, so now I would like to clarify this point, wrote Holly. – I’m not ashamed of my children. I’m trying to find ways to make them part of my tape in the social network, because they are a big part of my life. I work very hard to still leave them personal space, because they realize that they are still children.”


Holly said that she wants her children had a right to privacy and took decision about whether they want to be part of social media.

“When they grow up and want to share some pictures on the Internet, they can do it on their own initiative. this will decide not me. Do you understand me? Have a good day,” concluded Holly.

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