Halle berry has put an end to his personal life

Холли Берри поставила крест на своей личной жизни
Actress tortured by guilt.

Холли Берри поставила крест на своей личной жизни

Halle Berry


Fans of Halle berry puzzled. Actress,
which is constantly pleased with their new sexy photo posted the other day
in his microblog a picture in which she “flaunts” in fashion torn t-shirt with
the slogan written on it in large letters: “no More Boyfriends!”

In fact, since, as berry broke up with his husband number three, Olivier Martinez next to the actress not
seen the new knights. The only exception was the photographer cliff watts, with whom she not long
met last summer.

Holly really die with no luck
personal life. Not only that, collapsed all three of her marriage, at least one of its
Boyfriends dared to raise her hand. One of the early fellows
the actress, whose name she refuses to name, was once hit her so that she
have almost no hearing in one ear. And the other is Gabriel Aubry trying to screw her out of their joint child
(daughter Nala) and beat the next boyfriend Holly, who later became her husband Olivier Martinez. But Martinez, too
did not meet expectations, berry, and their marriage was finally terminated in December
last year.

earlier this year, Holly admitted that she feels and her personal guilt and
the responsibility for failed marriages — in
the first place in front of the children: 7-year-old naloy and her son from Martinez — 3 years
Maseo . So if she really wanted to pursue a serious relationship, wonder
this is not necessary.

Холли Берри поставила крест на своей личной жизни

Halle berry and Olivier Martinez

Photo: Instagram.com

Halle berry and son

Photo: Instagram.com