Холли Берри окончательно рассталась с мужем The actress divorced Olivier Martinez. Rumours irreconcilable differences between the spouses arose because of the tendency of the French actor to aggression. Insiders claim that Halle berry is tired to tolerate the outrageous antics of a former lover.

      Холли Берри окончательно рассталась с мужем

      Western journalists reported that the 50-year-old Halle berry has parted with her husband, 50-year-old actor Olivier Martinez. According to correspondents, the star of “monster’s Ball” first filed for divorce. It is reported that after the celebrity parted, they remained friends and agreed about the custody of her son. Marital property artists not yet divided.

      Rumors that the family Halle berry is not going smoothly, went for a very long time. Information about serious disagreements between the actress and her husband appeared in the press last fall. The couple then filed a petition for divorce in which it was said about the irreconcilable contradictions between them. However, unknown to the public reasons artists are drawn with the final parting. In this regard, some of the tabloids suspected that Holly decided to get back together with Olivier. But these speculations were far from the truth: berry and Martinez did break up.

      They say that the cause of divorce artists began the explosive nature of the beloved Hollywood stars. French actor Olivier Martinez regularly conflicts with the paparazzi and fights with nosy photographers. And once he attacked a former lover of the wife of Gabriel Aubrey. Martinez didn’t stop the fact that the male model is the father of his firstborn lady.

      Insiders also claim that actually the actors lived different lives. After berry gave birth to a son, she went to work. According to rumors, Martinez is a wife was not satisfied, and it became the reason of quarrels with his wife.

      Does not simplify the relationship of the couple and the complex nature of Holly. The sources close to the Hollywood star to report she is uncompromising, especially when it concerns patients for the Actresses, in particular, domestic violence. As a child, Barry witnessed her father beating the mother, and later became a victim of the man she loved. The tabloids suggest that hand against Holly spread her first husband, baseball player David justice. The artist herself does not comment on these rumors and did not mention the name of the offender.

      Recall that berry was married to the star of the movie “Unfaithful” in July 2013. Before that, the actress had Affairs with David justice, Eric bene, and Gabriel Aubrey. The celebrity has two children – eight-year-old Nala Ariela three-year-old Maceo Robert.