Halle berry exhausting yourself workouts

Холли Берри изнуряет себя тренировками
The famous actress Halle berry in your 51 looks like a young girl, her figure can be envied and young girls.

Холли Берри изнуряет себя тренировками

Holly is actively involved in sports, and grateful for such a figure. Moreover, actress does not stop even in bad weather. Recently berry revealed one of her classes, which she just does not spare.

Холли Берри изнуряет себя тренировками

“Today me and my coach, Peter will show you our traditional training session on Thursdays. No matter the sun on the street or the rain, we still always stick to the plan. I must confess that I felt even better, because did not let the rain beat us. Even if something tries to interfere with your training, always say to yourself: “I’ll Win” and continue to engage!”, — told the actress.

In addition to sports Holly is trying to follow their diet, and this is connected not only with a beautiful figure. The actress with a child with diabetes, because of what she has to carefully watch what she eats.

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