Холли Берри передумала разводиться с Оливье Мартинесом
The actress has decided to stay married lady.

Холли Берри передумала разводиться с Оливье Мартинесом

Halle berry and Olivier Martinez

Photo: Legion-media

Halle berry with Gabriel Aubrey

As it became known, Halle berry, who in October
last year announced his intention to dissolve the marriage with Olivier Martinez
decided to stop the divorce. About it reported the Internet-portal TMZ.

According to this source, recently, Holly received
from the court document in which she said that if she and Martinez in the near future
time will not take any steps to move the divorce process, it
will be “frozen”. The fact that from the moment the couple filed their statements
in the court, since the case has not moved one step…

As claimed by friend of the actress, she did not
tears quickly complete your divorce. Although a year ago, Holly was determined
the determination to be free from the marriage bond, for the flown by since the time she
changed its attitude towards this issue. To begin with, this whole year
Martinez was behaving just about. And Holly saw it as a sign that he began
learn to curb your violent temperament. But the actress decided to divorce and
Olivier because of his uncontrollable outbursts of anger.

At the time – it happened in November of 2012 —
Martinez came to blows with former boyfriend berry — Gabriel Aubrey and order
spoiled him in fight face. Since then, Olivier allowed himself to lose
control of his behavior again and again. The last straw
patience berry, was an incident in Los Angeles that happened last year.
Then Martinez was hit in the leg by one of the employees of the airport, using against him
as a “battering RAM” baby car seat that Olivier kept
hands. Employee much hit the wall and fell to the ground. Subsequently, he
filed by Martinez in court. And although the case
managed somehow solved extrajudicially, Holly decided that she had enough — because when this scene was attended by two of her children at the time six-year-old
Nala (the daughter of actress from Gabriel Aubry) and one-year-old maseo, son of Olivier…

However, the last time Martinez did not allow himself
such antics, and his friends claim that he embarked on the path of correction. Besides
he regularly visits the children and behaves as a very responsible
parent. And Holly appreciated his efforts. Besides, berry, who was
recently 50 years, decided that the third divorce is unlikely to do better whose
a life — her own or the children of the actress.