Halle berry almost lost her daughter

Холли Берри едва не потеряла свою дочку
The actress will never forget that awful day…

Холли Берри едва не потеряла свою дочку

Halle berry shared her worst, she says,
memory. This story reminded the actress of her latest role — mother,
ready to do anything to regain her son in the new Thriller “Abduction”. Holly still
cannot recall without horror the day when she lost her own daughter Nala
from ex-boyfriend berry — Gabriel

As told to Holly, Nala, now
9 years, was then much less. That day the actress went to the shopping
center on your next shopping. And so, while berry looked at the vending
her outfit hanging on the hanger, Nala, who was nearby, suddenly disappeared!

Holly in a panic rushed through the store, but
the girls are nowhere to be found. “In my head flashed the thought that I will never see
it… It was just animal terror! I started screaming, “Emergency close all
door. Don’t let anybody out of here!” Fortunately, some time later, Nala
found. It turned out, decided to play and hid behind the clothes.”

as for the film, navayuga Holly painful memories, during its filming,
Berry was lucky to meet a talented young actor Sage Correa,
who played her son. Boy
attached to Holly, after work, he gave her a handmade card
where you wrote “the best mommy!” In addition, the sage became friends with this daughter of actress —
Naloy. However, another child Holly, a three year old maseo’s son berry from her
ex-wife of Olivier Martinez — are they not took, considering it yet
too small.