Halle berry admitted that she lived in a homeless shelter

Холли Берри призналась, что жила в приюте для бездомных
The actress spoke about the hard times.

Halle Berry

Photo: PA Images/TASS

The other day a 50-year-old actress Halle berry surprised
unexpected recognition. Holly, who has two cute kids, son Maceo and daughter Nala, told that in youth she had
to live in a homeless shelter.

The fact that the road to fame was for the actress long and difficult. As told
Holly, she started her career in the modeling business in Chicago. She was,
like a good idea, and she decided that she could not afford a brother in your free time to take acting lessons
skill. And the teacher of the classes she attended had convinced berry that
she has talent and she needs to change professions.

So berry moved to new York, where
was absolutely one, without almost
without money and connections. The model she could find, and when
extremely exhausted her modest savings,
she almost began to starve. Holly tried to contact the mother.

“I called her and asked her to send me
money, but she refused me. I then a year with her not talking. I now her for it
very grateful, in fact, she showed me the only true
way. Mom told me then that if this is my calling, I
can do it yourself. And advised me not to be choosy and find any work
which will help me to eat until I’m not able to get into actress. I then
did: she became a waitress, then worked behind the bar… And then I
approved for the role in the series Living
Dolls! “said berry.