Полуголый знаменосец государства Тонго стал звездой церемонии открытия Олимпиады
Pete Taufatofua shook the audience with his torso.

Pete Nicholas Taufatofua

Photo: Instagram.com

The audience
the audience at the stadium in Rio de Janeiro where yesterday was officially
open the XXXI Olympic
Games, were shocked when, during the parade of Nations appeared on the field team
States of Tonga. The fact that a small group of participants from this country, headed
a very remarkable kind of the standard bearer.

Tan young
the man, waving his flag, was dressed only in a piece of colorful fabric,
wrapped around his hips. And his naked torso with bulging muscles,
was abundantly smeared with oil and glistened like polished metal. The woman sitting
in the stands, at the sight of the standard bearer, literally, squealed with delight.

it turned out, a spectacular athlete arrived in Rio to take part in
competitions masters of martial arts — Taekwondo. Almost all practicing
time, Pete gives charity work — he takes part in the activities of the organization that helps the homeless. Full
the name of the athlete — Pete Nicholas Taufatofua. He’s 32, he was born in Australia and
he lives and trains in New Zealand. It
the decision to join the team in Tonga is due to the fact that his father was born and
lived in this country.

told one of the friends Taufatofua, Pete is a real patriot of Tonga. Its image he
invented himself, with the expectation of attracting maximum public attention. It
wanted the whole world talking about his country. After all, until yesterday, few people
the audience knew at least something about this state.

And Pete
have achieved the goal. At the end
the ceremony, returned from the stadium audience began quickly, “Google” below
find out what the country sent to the Olympics so beautiful. So even those who
not well versed in geography know that Tonga is an island Kingdom located
in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of 169
Islands, 36 of which are inhabited. And the population is only 100 with
a small thousand people.

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