Хейли Бибер рассказала о первом поцелуе

Person Hayley is very interesting for the public, because it is at such a young age, despite warnings from family and friends, was married to Justin Bieber! A couple have already decorated their first joint Vogue cover and gave a Frank interview, but many are interested in what was before her marriage! The model told how there was her first kiss!

Holy Valentine left a nice haze in the form of a touching video and a romantic atmosphere. For example, Harper’s BAZAAR Carine Roitfeld x Kissing Booth released a video in which famous models talk about their first kiss. By the way, in the beginning of the video, the star said that she’s not a Baldwin, and Bieber! “My first kiss was very romantic, with the guy I was in love. It was in 12 or 13 years. We went sledding at my house and drove into the alley. We were laughing, everywhere was snow, and we kissed!”, says Hayley in the video.

In a recent interview, the public learned about what a nice nickname came up for their beloved Bieber and what his mental problems. “I struggled with the feeling that people are using me that they want to get something from me and then use it against me. One of the important things for me is confidence. I’ve made some bad decisions in itself and in the relationship. These errors affected my confidence in their judgments. I even find it difficult to trust Haley. We worked on this. And it’s great, isn’t it? I’m emotionally unstable. I struggle with everything. I just feel that I care and I want everything to be very good, that people loved me. Haley is a very logical and structured, that I need. I need something that I can be sure. And this is my baby Boo”.

And Haley told readers that in a long time relationship they were just friends, but in the other something happened. “There was a time when I entered the room, and he came from there. But in the summer we met again and I just hugged him. He told me: “We can’t be friends.” I love him very much. I loved him a long time.”

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