Хейли Болдуин и Джастин Бибер сходили на романтический пикник

Despite the fact that Hailey Baldwin argues in a purely friendship between her and Justin Bieber, they again and again appear together in private. Fans previously caught them kissing, and now the star couple visited HAMPTON beach, which staged a romantic picnic.

Хейли Болдуин и Джастин Бибер сходили на романтический пикник

The guys brought the Essentials: cold drinks, towels and a blanket. They walked to their destination, smiling sweetly and talking. Then they sat on a blanket and spent time in a romantic setting on the beach.

Says the insider, the couple began a month ago. “They met in 2016, and their feelings never really went away. Now their romance broke out with new force, and they spend more and more time together,” he said.

But Selena is not happy from the renewed relationship with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. “Selena is doing everything possible to ignore Justin and his relationship, but she knows that he and Hayley spend a lot of time together, do not hesitate to appear in public, and seem happy together. But Selena is doing everything possible not to pay attention to something Justin, but she can not, her friends to write and talk about everything. She likes to be alone, but it hurts to realize that Justin is moving on,” shared a source from the inner circle of the singer.

Disappointed in Bibere, Selena does not bet on a long-term relationship with former Haley. “Selene, there are serious doubts that Justin and Hayley will be together for a long time. Selena knows better than anyone how difficult it is to maintain a relationship with Justin. She wishes Justin all the best and hopes that he won’t break my heart Hayley, quickly losing interest in it,” — said the source.

Recall that it is not the first time Haley and Justin are right. Recently, the boys had a great time together at a nightclub and went to serve in the Church. It seems that Haley means to him nothing less than Selena, because Bieber is not every girl goes for service. However, the girl herself claims that her relationship with the artist friendly. “I met him when I was very young, and he was one of my best friends. Everyone knows that at a certain time it turned into something more, but that’s what happens when you are 18-19 years old. Was what it was. I have never had such a relationship. But it brought us both to the realization that we better be friends. He’s someone I respect a lot,” admitted Baldwin’s edition of the Sunday Times.