Haggard brad pitt shocked appearance

Изможденный Брэд Питт шокировал внешним видом The actor almost didn’t recognize the fans. The star appeared at a private screening of “Moonlight”. Instead of the traditional classic tuxedo male showed up to the event in a plaid shirt and jeans. Pitt looked emaciated and aged.

      Изможденный Брэд Питт шокировал внешним видом

      Before brad pitt attended a private screening of the picture “Moonlight”, which was held in Los Angelese. Earlier it was rumored that due to problems in the family movie star refuses to take part in various film events. However, brad decided to support the team of the film. The actor himself acted as Executive producer.

      Paparazzi captured pitt, standing behind the podium, along with actress Julia Roberts. First actor is to learn the fuzzy frame, as it looks very tired and weary. Instead of the traditional tuxedo, which used to see the well-known artist, brad was dressed in a plaid shirt and dark blue jeans. On the other picture, which appeared in the pitt fan communities on social networks, he poses in an embrace with Julia, starring with him in the films “ocean’s Eleven” and “Twelve friends Oushena”.

      Fans of movie stars noticed that he lost weight. “As he grew old”, “Very skinny pitt”, “Oh my God, he seems depressed”, “Poor guy. He lost a lot of weight. It says that he’s devastated after the events that occurred in his family”, “It looks painful,” wrote the Internet users.

      On the eve it became known that pitt lost in the fight for custody of the children. Now six heirs will live with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, and the actor can make a special “therapeutic visits.” This decision is clearly not pleased the star of the movie.

      By the way, brad can refuse to communicate with the press in part of her promotional tour for the new film with his participation “Allies”. First it was rumored that Marion Cotillard was one of the reasons why Jolie decided to file for divorce. According to some, between the French and American had the affair. “Actresses that brad is removed, flirt with him, told the friends of the actor. – He does not see anything wrong to play along, but never passes the borders. But Angie finds this as a reason for jealousy and mistrust”. However, Marion was not interested in pitt as a man. She, on the contrary, always admired his wife, Angelina and her initiatives. Fans of brad still hope that he would go through the cities to present the film “Allies.”