Хакеры взломали Instagram Лянки Грыу
The actress became a victim of fraud.

Lyanka Grau

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Friends, loved ones, relatives, fans were extremely surprised when they received a message that
that Lyanka Grau has created a new account on Instagram. The actress regularly led his
microblogging, and he was always extremely popular. She had thousands of subscribers who
not just immersed in the life of his idol, but also engaged in a friendly Lankai

As it turned out later, the account was hacked Grau scammers: they have changed
passwords, login, and now are posting your information on behalf of the actress. “Many
of you received a message that I have added to Instagram! It’s me! — wrote on his
page is another social network expert. Just in case, added myself, if you can’t
to restore your old page. Now the actress is trying to deal with
this situation because of to repay your account for the actress is the case