Habensky, Bondarchuk and starring in the film adaptation Minaeva

Хабенский и Бондарчук снимаются в экранизации Минаева

Began shooting the film “Selfie” based on the novel by Sergei Minaev.

In Moscow started shooting the film “Selfie” based on the novel by Sergei Minaev. The main role is played by Konstantin Khabensky. His character is a popular writer and TV presenter Vladimir Bogdanov, who at one point loses his career, his lover, friends. And it is all the fault of the double, takes his place. Bogdanov understands that a copy is better than he is. And only daughter wants to get a father…

The script for the film was written by Sergey Minaev.

“Selfie” is a very personal story, – says Sergey. — “Duhless” was also a story about me and the “Selfie” – no, not a hero “Duhless” 10 years later. It’s the same me, but much changed. Now the hero more they reflect, the things themselves not forgive some things from him seem ridiculous, some monstrous. Do not want to call a “Selfie” confession, but in many ways it is the closure of the accounts”.

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One of the producers of the film was Fyodor Bondarchuk, it also plays a major role.

“A selfie is probably the most common way to show themselves to the world, – says Fedor. It’s a way to look at myself. Our story – about a man who played in his greatness, for which the dependence on self-publicity squeezed out of life, everything really important. But on the other hand, this is not a story celebrity. It’s about a man in person who was confused and confused in the face of reality. And for the return to his have to pay a hefty price”.

The film also busy Anna Mikhalkov, Julia Hlynina (“Duelist”, “the secret passion”), severe anusauskaite (“Norway”), etc. And became Director Nikolai Khomeriki, who directed the recently released on cinema screens, “Icebreaker”.

It is planned that the shooting will last until the end of December this year and the film will be released next autumn.