Gymnast of the Cirque du Soleil crashed during the performance

Гимнастка Цирка дю солей разбилась во время выступления

The tragedy occurred in Brisbane during the presentation of Kooza.

The canadian circus Cirque du Soleil is famous worldwide for its spectacular show the skill of the artists. But, alas, the tricks that bring joy to the audience not only spectacular, but also dangerous. That the circus is actually a big risk, all involuntarily recalled 35-year-old trapeze artist from Australia. Lisa Skinner directly during the show fell down from a great height…

The incident occurred when the room was full of spectators. Lisa fell down and all of the staff immediately rushed to her aid. The girl was immediately taken to Royal Brisbane hospital. Colleagues worried that the actress fell and injured his spine, but luckily, nothing happened.

As reported by the Australian media, Lisa has a injured neck and a broken arm. In the near future it will remain in the hospital, and then it will have a long and difficult rehabilitation.

Gymnastics girl started from a young age and was listed in the Australian national team, took part in the Championships, Olympiads and was one of the best gymnasts in the country.

As at the Olympic games Lisa failed to win a prize, she decided to leave the sport and found himself in Cirque du Soleil, where he worked since 2010. Now the future career girls under a big question.