Гимнастка Дарья Дмитриева тяжело переживает утрату близкого человека The athlete is going through an extremely difficult period. Daria Dmitrieva reported the death of his mother. Recognition silver medalist in London, she always helped her valuable advice and warned of the risk.
Гимнастка Дарья Дмитриева тяжело переживает утрату близкого человека

24-year-old gymnast Daria Dmitrieva gave to understand that she was in sorrow. The athlete changed the profile photo in Instagram, replacing his portrait with the burning candle on a black background. A young woman told me that going through a bereavement. As it turned out, her mother died Darya Galina. When this exactly happened is unknown.

Dmitriev admitted that it is very difficult without a loved one. According to gymnasts, mom always supported her and gave valuable advice.

“It’s so hard without you, Mama, my soul… Thank you that showed up and took me to the traitors, with whom I sat at the same table and drank from the same Cup… it All happened exactly as you said… Thanks for become my angel. Love forever, rest in peace”, shared Daria.

Fans had Dmitriyeva supported her encouraging comments and get them to fasten. “Please accept my sincere condolences”, “There are no words will help. Worse than this nothing. Now live for two. And remember that you have a guardian angel who will continue to keep you safe”, “an Irreparable loss” “Mommy is always there. You’re a strong, smart girl, you can do this”, “God bless her in heaven”, “So young and beautiful,” wrote social media users.

This year had Dmitriyeva going through a very difficult period. In the summer of Darya reported that broke up with her husband, hockey player Alexander Radulov. The couple divorced a year after the luxury wedding, arranged in the style of Ancient Greek myths in the suburban Park-hotel. At the marriage ceremony walked more than a hundred people. Guest of honour was little Makar, the son Dmitrieva and Alexandra. He was born in November of 2015.

Talking about millions in compensation for Radulov Dmitrieva

In his microblog Daria called reasons why I decided to go with Alexander. According to the athlete, the initiator of the divorce made it.

Гимнастка Дарья Дмитриева тяжело переживает утрату близкого человека“Alexander is a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change! And we need to accept each other for who we are! He loved, I am loved, but living with it was impossible. There is a limit. I like people that are not for everyone” – shared Dmitriev.