Гимнастка Алия Мустафина скрывала развод с мужем
The athlete made an official statement.

Гимнастка Алия Мустафина скрывала развод с мужем

Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev

Photo: Social Networks

Gymnast Aliya Mustafina a month ago, divorced with Alexei Zaitsev. The details of his personal life, the athlete shared only the day before in social networks. Prior to that, she preferred to hide from fans and friends, the fact of separation with the spouse. However, due to the fact that her marriage began to appear various rumors and gossip, Mustafina made a statement.

“I really wanted all the important information you have received from me personally. So I want to tell you that a month ago I got divorced. So you won’t have any issues and unnecessary speculation, just try to close them. Reasons as such, no, just ex-husband was not my man. Claims we don’t have each other. Love Alice and very grateful to Alex for our daughter. And asked this topic will not raise”, — said Aliya to friends in the social network.

Aliya Mustafina with her daughter Alice

Photo: @musaliya135 Instagram Aliya Mustafina

Wedding Mustafina with bobsledder Zaitsev took place in November 2016. The pair met under rather unusual circumstances. Alia and Alex were treated in a health care facility: the gymnasts had a knee injury, and sportsman of the problem with the adductor muscle of the thigh. After discharge from the hospital, the athletes began an affair that led them to the altar. In 2017, they had a daughter Alice.