Гвинет Пелтроу поделилась секретами своей красоты

Гвинет Пелтроу поделилась секретами своей красоты

This year famous Hollywood actress turned 47 years old, and it looks stunning. What is the secret of her beauty? The actress happily shared with their fans recipes a wonderful appearance.

Rule # 1. The beginning of the day

The morning starts with coffee? Gwyneth Paltrow’s — Yes. First of all, she drank a Cup of coffee with milk and then goes to the gym for cardio sessions. His charge, the actress is devoting 45 minutes each morning. It allows her figure to look attractive. After this ritual is followed by Breakfast. If you have the opportunity, the celebrity prefers fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Rule # 2. Enough water

The actress calls herself “Podkrepa” because the water she just loves. The maximum number of drinks in a moment of intense stress on the body, for example, during exercise. It can also add in a bottle a few crystals of Himalayan salt to moisture does not so quickly leave the body.

Rule # 3. Physical exercise with the correct technique

Gwyneth engaged in physical activity according to the method of Tracy Anderson. This means that each training session includes: yoga, dance and cardio load. Every day she devotes to physical exercise at least two hours, all the fans can see that the method works because the celebrity looks.

Rule # 4. Sauna and baths

The woman is sure that the sauna works wonders, it helps to expel unwanted toxins from the body. So twice a week she visits the Spa, one hour in the sauna is enough to relax and rest. When it is winter, the celebrity still prefers baths at home. In the water she adds essential oils, herbal teas and sea salt.

Rule # 5. The simplest care is the best

In everyday life you rarely see of Paltrow’s makeup on her face, she prefers natural and always gives his voice the proper care for your hair and face. It is a natural shampoo and cream. Stars have their own brand of skin care cosmetics, these are the tools she uses. The most interesting thing in the cosmetic composition includes a large amount of vitamin C.

Rule # 6. Care in the evening hours

In one interview, Gwyneth admitted that a lot of time to spend on themselves before bed. First and foremost, it makes the skin massage with a dry brush, which allows you to get rid of the first signs of cellulite and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Further, it removes makeup exceptionally warm damp towel. A few times a week makes peeling of the face and scalp, by all means uses only its own brand. Lip balm — a mandatory attribute of an evening dress.

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