Гвинет Пэлтроу рассказала о старении

46-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow is the Creator of Goop, the company, which is engaged in the production of cosmetics and goods for healthy lifestyle. On it, the actress has launched a podcast about beauty, which is called the “Beauty Closet”. In it, Gwyneth spoke about her perception of aging.

In his youth, the actress considered the “typical beauty”, which over time, the star began to get a complex, losing its former beauty: “the Appearance of wrinkles, menopause… What happens in the mind of a woman in the moment when you stop to consider the most beautiful and desirable?” says Gwyneth.

Previously, Gwyneth was very obsessed with her looks, but eventually overcame it and learned to accept myself. As she says, she began to love myself more. “At some point you just start to like myself! You just get to the point where your inner beauty is more important than external. So here’s a fun shift!” — said Paltrow.

The star is not the first time talks about his aging. Recently, the actress candidly spoke about the menopausal symptoms experienced by. “When you start perimenopause, you notice a lot of changes. I feel the change in the hormonal background, the mood can get angry for no reason” — said Paltrow.

By the way, Gwyneth, can’t boast of the perfect reputation. Under the scandal got vitamins for pregnant and lactating women, which is very serious. The Mother Load contains a concentration of vitamin A that exceeds all the recommended dosage. Gynecologists and endocrinologists claim that vitamins can harm mother and baby. According to experts one of America’s biggest portal about pregnancy Babycenter.com excess dosages of vitamin A during pregnancy can cause serious fetal malformations.

Representatives of the company, in turn, argue that there is no danger for pregnant and lactating women vitamins not present. But there is one “but”. the representatives argue that the dose will not be exceeded if women do not to lean on carrots, and so enough vitamin A. In the end, charity Good Thinking Society has accused Paltrow in “the exercise of control over the company, which produces potentially dangerous to health products.”


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