Gwyneth Paltrow first published his photos in the Nude

Гвинет Пэлтроу впервые опубликовала свое фото в обнаженном виде
So fans of the actress have not seen!

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow has shocked her fans at the for which it
posed completely naked, but still pregnant at the ninth month! Gwyneth posted this photo on an unexpected occasion in the birthday of his daughter
Apple, the birth of which she had been waiting for.

“Happy birthday, my dear girl! Thanks to you, for me, every day
you like Christmas. You are the most cheerful, fun, “Groovy” and beautiful
(and, both inside and outside). You think outside the box and write great
songs. Thank you, you’re still spending so much time with me, though
all grown up — you’re 14 years old!” wrote the daughter of 45-year-old actress shared a
in one shot, which captured the birthday girl.

Interestingly, Paltrow rarely
shows a daughter and a son. At the time, Gwyneth and Chris Martin, the father of the children and
ex-husband of actress, has decided as
possible to occur with Apple and Moses in public and try less
to publish their pictures. Although since then both have grown (Moses was already 12 years old), you can see them still not often.

Recall that Paltrow and Martin, who actively cooperate in the education of children,
decided to leave in 2014, after almost 11 years of marriage. But they completed their divorce process
only in the summer of 2016. Despite the fact that each of them has long been their own personal life —
Chris’s novel, with Dakota Johnson and Paltrow married to brad Felchak, they
still consider themselves family. And Chris spends holidays and weekends with
the ex-wife and children.