Gwyneth Paltrow again unleashed upon the world a bad advice

Гвинет Пэлтроу снова обрушила на мир вредные советы

To read carefully to not repeat strongly suggest…

Gwyneth Paltrow once again became the centre of attention. The reason for excitement of the public was not a new film actress, and… a Golden Dildo!

On her website Goop, where Paltrow tells readers how to live, she posted an article by sexologist about the female orgasm, as well as showcased their favorite things for carnal pleasures.

Among others in the list from Gwyneth appears set for lovers, bondage (handcuffs, leather blindfold and a weapon for whipping). Is there a standard whip, beads and vibrators that can be controlled from the phone. In General, nothing surprising. But one of the subjects struck the imagination of even the most sophisticated rascals. Dildo out of 24 carat gold. There is such a Dildo not much is not enough… the $ 15 000.

I think that Paltrow is considering this toy is not only a substitute partner, but also as a good investment. One thing is unclear: whether they will buy anyone’s gold treasure after use?!

Recall that this is not the first strange advice from Gwyneth. A couple of months ago, she recommended that all be treated by apitherapy. According to star blondes, bee stings – the best remedy to combat inflammation and scarring. Moreover, the presence of millions of people allergic to bee venom it does not bother.

Gwyneth, however, regularly gives advice on healthy eating and detox diets on the page. Here she has admitted that she is not averse to eat a Burger to take the edge off. In addition, the actress advises to use wormwood extract for rejuvenation of the intimate zone. And doctors categorically against such methods. But the Hollywood star didn’t seem to stop. The actress has let all the smoke (but not more than once a week!) and drink (just don’t forget to nip).

Well, here we are entirely on the side of physicians. We are categorically against bad habits, and tips a stellar person.

The only reason to read the tips Gwyneth, so this is just for fun. He as is known, prolongs life!

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