Gwendoline Christie is not afraid to wear heels because of the high growth

Гвендолин Кристи не боится одевать каблуки из-за высокого роста

The star of the acclaimed TV series “Game of Thrones” Gwendoline Christie hopes that its high growth will be able to overcome inspired by the standards of fashion and beauty. The actress has a unique growth of 1.91 m. She was not afraid to go out on the red carpet in heels, because the high growth of the most worried.

Гвендолин Кристи не боится одевать каблуки из-за высокого роста

“I hope this will help change people’s perceptions about what is real beauty,” said the actress popular overseas edition of People. “I believe that my growth, or roles that I was fortunate enough to play, helped people to consider the broader concept of femininity. It is important to show on the screens of all kinds of people.”

The British actress is not worried because of their height and even wears heels. “My height doesn’t make me asexual.” says the girl in response to all the haters who think her height makes Gwendolyn is not feminine and asexual.

The star was told about how great sex symbols inspired her to start her career as an actress. “I remember I saw Marilyn Monroe in “Bus Stop” on TV and thought that what she does is unusual and amazing,” recalls 38-year-old Gwendolyn. “I have no connections in the movie industry, but I just knew that’s what I want to do.” The confidence and great motivation has helped the actress to get the role of Brienne of Tarth in the popular TV series “Game of thrones” series “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin. Due to the role of the brave warrior, Christie got a lot of recognition and fame.

Гвендолин Кристи не боится одевать каблуки из-за высокого роста

As Gwendolyn got a big role in the seventh part of Star wars, where she played the captain Pasmo. This year she’ll appear with guns in cinemas in the next part entitled “the Last Jedi”.

The former model will join the caste of the second season of Sundance TV’s Top of the Lake: China Girl together with his close friend Elisabeth moss. “She’s on a spare bench and not as powerful as the characters I played in previous roles. She’s not a hero,” says Christie about his upcoming role of the police officer who laid the murder investigation of a young girl. “It will be very dark. I mean well, very grim. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to tell this story.”

Despite the workload in the work, the actress is glad to new roles and ideas. “I’m busy all the time and love it,” the girl admits. “Can’t say I’m sorry.”

Top of the Lake: China Girl abroad starts as a three night special episode in September 9 and the 10th day on the Sundance channel TV.