Гвен Стефани рассказала о том, как муж три года изменял ей с няней

Divorce Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage, seemed to the fans of this pairing something unreal. During the time of living together, the artists got several children. Their family seemed to be a role model. But, recognition to Stephanie about the infidelities of her husband, open your eyes to a event happening in the family. As it turned out, of those 13 years that Stefani and Rossdale have been married for three years, the man maintained an affair on the side. Moreover, you need not go far was mistress and Gavin chose (as is often the case in Hollywood), the nanny of their children.

The family of the singer did not hesitate to destroy the 27-year-old Australian mindy Mann, who has worked for Stefani and Rossdale in the total of 7 years.

As recognized by the lead singer of the band No Doubt, she still may not realize that the divorce has indeed taken place, and that she really was deceived by a wife and lustful husband: “When all come up, I just didn’t know how I continue to live. It was hell: six, seven, eight months of continuous torture. This year my parents celebrated “gold” wedding”, and I always wanted the same family, as they – strong. But the dreams crumbled… as if I was crazy: a family in ruins, and Gavin takes sons for half a day…In my head constantly spinning the question: “why me? What did I do?”.

To cope with the nightmare that she had, Stephanie helped three forces – the sons of God and Blake Shelton, who had appeared on the horizon in the most difficult moment: “I was just thinking about the children and the work was supported, gave strength to move further. I believe in God – my childhood was brought up: get on your knees and pray. In the end, the prayer helped me overcome the betrayal and to finally meet the other, really reliable man. Blake was me in that difficult period the support and again gave hope for a brighter future”

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