Gwen Stefani sang with the star of “Game of thrones”

Гвен Стефани спела со звездой «Игры престолов»

While half of America singing a song about space pants and shorts, we tried to understand whence grow feet of this fabulous hit. It turns out that stupid song, which tightly and permanently sits in my head, who ever will hear it, was performed during the evening talk show “Saturday Night Live” star of “Game of thrones” Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani.

46-year-old actor appears before the audience in the form of a robot. It funny white wig and metallic color jacket and pants, painted prints with images of the elements of the solar system.
“Look at me with eyes in your head see my feet covered space..” — sing Peter. He is joined by Gwen, also dressed as Peter – metallic color Golf shorts and the same color trousers Peter.

“Oh shit, this is really it!” exclaims the listener. The video was already viewed by tens of thousands of spectators. While some people just have fun and sing along Peter and Gwen, too serious, viewers complain that Stephanie sings to the sound recording.

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