Gwen Stefani is waiting for fourth child

Гвен Стефани ждет четвертого ребенка
The famous singer is pregnant again.

Гвен Стефани ждет четвертого ребенка

Gwen Stefani


As reported by overseas media, Gwen Stefani is pregnant — she is expecting a child from
her boyfriend Blake Shelton. Thus, we again will become a mother in
47. According to
to reports, Gwen became pregnant not by accident, but as a result of IVF in
combined with a course of acupuncture. Gwen already has three sons, born
naturally 11 —year-old Kingston, 9-year-old Zuma and 3-year-old Apollo,
however, the younger she becomes, and Stephanie really wanted to give birth to the beloved
child. The singer was seen in the clinic for the treatment of infertility in Torrance(CA) this summer, and now her efforts
finally, successful.

what about the father of her unborn child, Blake Shelton she started
to meet in October 2015. And although their engagement was not formally announced
recently she wears on the ring finger given to her by Blake ring
diamonds. An affair with Shelton, her former colleague on the judging panel
the American version of the TV show “the Voice” began Gwen soon after she
broke up with Gavin Rossdale, father of
her three children after nearly a decade of marriage. Gwen decided to break up with Rossdale after
cheated on her with the nanny of their children — just like Ben Affleck. Stephanie is very upset
this story, and Blake, very handy to be close to her, was able to comfort her.

By the way, as admitted by Shelton, he is even a year after they
started Dating, I still couldn’t believe his luck. “Think of it,
I was involved with Gwen Stefani! It’s too good to be true. Sometimes I
starting to think that all our history I just imagined it…” said Blake.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton