Гвен Стефани готовится к свадьбе с Блейком Шелтоном
Become aware of a secret engagement, the singer

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became known, singer Gwen Stefani started planning your
wedding with boyfriend Blake Shelton. As reported by the Internet portal Hollywood Life, Gwen has hired a wedding planner. Because Stephanie wants her
the ceremony went perfect, she opted for Jerry Woolworth, which
enjoys great popularity in the world of celebrity.

As for the date of the coming celebration, it is not yet completely
assigned. However, according to Gwen seems to want to get married
this fall, my birthday! This year October 3 Stephanie marks 47
years, and she thinks it would be great to combine the party on the occasion of
birth and wedding Banquet.

Although Gwen, who began Dating Shelton in October last
years, officially announced their engagement, more recently she is on
the ring finger given to her by Blake’s ring with diamonds. An affair with
Shelton, her former colleague on the judging panel of the us version of the TV show “the Voice”
they struck up Gwen shortly after she broke up with Gavin Rossdale, father of
her three children after nearly a decade of marriage.

Gwen decided to break up with Rossdale after he cheated on her with
nanny their kids – just like Ben Affleck. Stephanie is very upset by this
history, and Blake, very handy to be close to her, was able to comfort her. Between
by the way, as admitted recently of Shelton, he even now, 10 months after
they started Dating, can not believe his luck. “Think
only, I had an affair with Gwen Stefani! It’s too good to be true.
Sometimes I start to think that all our history I just saw!”

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