Gwen Stefani can go deaf in one ear

Гвен Стефани может оглохнуть на одно ухо
The doctors categorically forbade Gwen to sing!

Gwen Stefani

Photo: @gwenstefani Instagram

Gwen Stefani was pretty
serious accident. As the Manager of the Irving Asoff, the singer has ruptured an eardrum. In connection with
this, she was forced to cancel all their upcoming gigs.

Unpleasant story
happened to 47-year-old Gwen during a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Singer
suddenly I felt a sharp sudden pain in the ear, so hard that demanded
expanded private plane in which she flew. And as soon as he
landed her straight from the airport, was rushed to the hospital, Cedar — Sinai Medical Center. Stephanie examined the doctors said that
the eardrum in one of her ears burst. Apparently, the singer,
unbeknownst to himself, had a minor ear infection, which weakened the membrane, and the differential
pressure at altitude during the flight of her “finished”…

What will happen to Gwen, who last year divorced Gavin Rossdale, further,
it is not yet clear. If the damage is not healed, it could forever
deaf in one ear. In the meantime, the doctors strictly forbade her not only to sing, but
and to fly the plane. This has already led to
problems: after all, when there was a story, the singer just moved
in Vegas, where had to stand on
important to her charity event, tickets for which were
bought it for Stephanie’s sake. Fortunately, she managed at the last moment
to find a replacement — instead of Gwen agreed to act as singer and actress Jennifer