Gwen Stefani annoys his colleagues in the show “the Voice” for its arrogance

Гвен Стефани раздражает коллег по шоу «Голос» своей надменностью

For several years Gwen Stefani is the mentor of the American talent show “the Voice.” The ex-soloist of the group No Doubt has replaced on this post Christina Aguilera and very successfully copes with its task.

This project attracted the attention of millions of viewers, because the image that is displayed on the screen should be flawless. But in recent years to achieve this becomes more difficult.

The reason for this disagreement among the superstar coaches of “the Voice”. Media wrote earlier about the complex relationships within an outwardly friendly team mentors, but now it became an obvious problem.

As journalists say, referring to the team members working on the project, Gwen often allows himself to say offensive things about their colleagues and behaves quite arrogant.

Many say that Stephanie “caught a star” and considers themselves the main on the whole project.

To be fair, what about Gwen, especially in the context of her affair with Blake Shelton say more often than the others. However, the rest of the mentors of “the Voice” to participate in a project the same rights as Gwen, because require a minimum of respect from colleagues.

By the way, the coach of the show believe that Blake and Gwen have to stop in the air to show their feelings to each other, to flirt and to chat exclusively with each other because of the show “the Voice” — this is not a love project, and the program that opens a world of new voices and new artists.

“When they speculate on the fact that they are a couple in processing so participants, I feel like a third wheel” — recently said the leader of Maroon 5 Adam Levine.