Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale put on sale for $35 million

Гвен Стефани и Гэвин Россдэйл выставили на продажу дом за $35 млн

Last year Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced that they were breaking up, and that means that before the pair became necessary determination of the place of residence of children and distribution of property.

Now, the children live with mother, in the meantime, the couple is busy with material matters. For example, the other day, Gwen and Gavin put up for sale their homes Beverly hills, which they purchased in 2007. Then the purchase cost the spouses $ 13 million. But now the ex-wife are going to get for the property not less than $ 35 million.

In house and on site site is equipped with seven bedrooms, a cinema, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, several fireplaces, a gym and outdoor kitchen.

Apparently, the estate, the couple has largely modernised, invested in an expensive repair, since the price was raised by more than two times.

Recall the marriage of Stefani and Rossdale have lasted 13 years, but in 2015 the singer decided to end that unhealthy relationship, filing for divorce. Officially, the reason for the couple’s split became “irreconcilable differences”. Us media then reported that Rossdale was caught cheating with Mandy Mann, who was a nurse. As noted before, the affair lasted three years.