Гвен Стефани обвиняют в звёздной болезни

Many who are on duty forced to work with the singer Gwen Stefani in the music show “the Voice”, agreed that she “caught a star”. Sources say that the once “white and fluffy” Gwen suddenly became a shrew and behaves as if she is the boss on this show.

The team of “the Voice” has ears ate her horrible treatment of staff, but the new season hasn’t started yet!
“Gwen behaves arrogantly with almost all employees. Sometimes we think that it’s another woman. To romance with Blake she was easy to talk to, everyone loved her, and now she’s acting as if we are all lucky that she is in the show, because it’s the highlight of the program” — said the insider.
Recall that, Stephanie began Dating Shelton in 2015 during their work in the show “the Voice.” He and she been through a painful divorce after a treacherous betrayal of their halves. Last season, chair Gwen took Miley Cyrus, but Stephanie returns to the show. As if the arrogance of the artist is not ruined her relationship with her fans.