Guzeeva will help Bledans to choose a reliable husband

Гузеева поможет Блёданс выбрать надежного мужа
Evelina asked for advice from fans.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans it has been a year spends long nights alone. The TV star has not yet made the personal life after breaking up with Alexander Semin. The search of the groom being active, she recently organized the casting for the role of boyfriend.

While these meetings have not yielded results. To help Evelina to find a soul mate volunteered Larisa Guzeeva. She persuades Bledans become the heroine of the show “let’s get married”.

“Here was invited to participate on the First channel in the “let’s get married” And while I think going whether spend the interim auditions suitors. Please send your CV to me in the mail. Suddenly you are “lucky” , God forbid. And whether to go to Larisochka Guzeeva can’t decide. How do you think?” — interesuetsja the opinion of fans of Evelina.

Recall that on the causes of divorce Evelyn for the first time told his droghandel of Malahovoy the program “live”. “Sasha, it was difficult to deal with my popularity, she says. — To him constantly on the street approached people and asked to convey “hi” to me!” Alexander confirmed the version of the former spouse. He said that between them there was always someone else. And the other — the viewer. Also Semin with some sadness noticed that in the first place Bledans was always working. Just a little semen managed to oust her from the pedestal. But Alexander did not. But now they communicate like best friends.