Guzeeva explained why not friendly with Sabitova and Volodya

Гузеева объяснила, почему не дружит с Сябитовой и Володиной

It turns out that off air, the host of “let’s get married!” not talking to each other.

So almost 10 years the program “let’s get married!” aired, and during that time the leading virtually unchanged. Except in the place of the astrologer was progress. But Larisa Guzeeva and rose Sabitova – permanent unit in the show.

It would seem that for such long years together Larissa and rose had become best friends. However, the frequency of meetings ester and long-term cooperation does not brought together presenters.

“And we do not communicate off the air – told the leader in an interview with “Antenna”. And not because the enemies are. We have already met older aunts, each has its own story behind their views. And go different courses with their own concerns, worries, families. Although in pauses between shooting, of course, communicate, ask each other: “How are you? How are the kids?“ So it is with Vasilisa Volodya”.

The audience is likely to have long guessed that the leading not compatible with each other, because Guzeeva, Sabitova and Volodin often argue among themselves even in the show, they rarely agree what the bride or groom is suitable to the character of the program. Each has its own point of view, and each hurries to get the last word. Well, perhaps this program will only benefit – it would probably be boring to watch the same three presenters. But if Larisa, Rose and Vasilisa all work together for many years without friendly sympathy, it suggests that they are real professionals. And own feelings for them, not a hindrance.