Guzeeva angered fans with photos from private jet

Гузеева разозлила поклонников фото с личного самолета

Host of the show “let’s get married!” has not made critical remarks in his address.

We all know that Larisa Guzeeva has a very sharp tongue and on the set of “let’s get married!” spares no one: neither the bride nor the groom, nor even a co-host. She criticizes everything and everyone, but, as it turned out, criticism of the popular TV presenter perceives difficult.

Recently in her blog, a scandal erupted. Larissa has published a photograph taken aboard a private plane. Before Guzeeva – a richly laid table, holding a glass of champagne. And signed, which is now already deleted the star, said, “7 am”.

Subscribers actress could not pass up and, as they say, the good past according to the star. Discussed the fact that she is pictured without makeup, and obscene luxury, and, of course, quipped that drinking so early in the morning threatens to alcoholism.

The next day Guzeeva photo of the plane was removed. Instead, it published a black and white shot where she’s in uniform reproachfully looking at the camera.

“So, sick in the head blocked, thanks to the previous photos. Well, of course, a private jet and champagne at seven in the morning is not my life and not even part of it… But… the People!” – signed a fresh frame leading the program “let’s get married!”.

On the same day a few hours later Guzeeva back to your blog that picture, from-for which scandal. However, signed it in a different way: “go Back and drink for you, my dear! I’m glad you’re with me!”

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