Guy Ritchie will start shooting the “Sherlock-3” this fall

Гай Ричи приступит к съемкам «Шерлока-3″ этой осенью

After a few months after actor Robert Downey Jr. let it slip that the third feature-length film about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson discussed by Studio and directed by guy Ritchie, filmmaker said today that the project is indeed in development.

The Creator of “Goodfellas” admitted that most likely the movie could be filmed this autumn, as from the beginning of next year, Robert Downey Jr. will be involved in “the Avengers”.

“I think Robert really wants to do it,’ said Richie. – We will try to finish by early next year. We have a script that we like. Jude law and Robert Downey Junior is at present free. We hope that all goes as planned. If not, we will shoot the film at another time. But most likely this will take place now.

In addition, the producer of the franchise said that three films the story is complete. The fourth series of “Sherlock” may be withdrawn.


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