Gutseriyev, the couple threw a celebration on the streets of London

Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона A month after Gutseriyev has arranged a wedding celebration in one of the finest hotels of the British capital. The couple drove up to the building entrance in a gilded carriage. Now the marriage of the heir of the oligarch called one of the biggest events this year.

      Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона

      A month ago died down, the luxurious wedding of the son of billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev said and his lady Khadija of Orahovac. A celebration was struck by its scope the imagination of even the most sophisticated and has long been a widely discussed topic in society. The wedding has already been called the loudest event this year. All were looking forward to the continuation of this celebration, which was held in London.

      The wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev in detail. PHOTO. Video

      However, the pictures that appeared in a short time in the micro-blogging some guests, showed that the holiday in the capital of great Britain was organized only for the closest guests. But today, a month after the wedding, there were shots, who confirmed that today in London Gutseriyev once again gather the guests to continue the celebration.

      Apparently, the wedding is said Gutseriev and Khadija Orahovac will not give in to the holiday that was arranged in Moscow. To the door of the five star luxury of the Dorchester hotel, which is located in the heart of London, young drove up in a gilded carriage drawn by white horses. The newlyweds were accompanied by 10 British Kavaleriya officers of the Royal guard. And closed the wedding procession gorgeous vintage rolls Royces.

      Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона

      After the carriage with said and Khadija stopped near the entrance of the hotel, many might consider the dress of the bride. At this time, the bride appeared in other, no less elegant outfit, completely studded with pearls. Several assistants helped the girl to get out of the cart and straightened the hem of her dress. In the hands of the newly-made wife said Gutseriev was an exquisite bouquet. The girl’s head was adorned with the same diadem that was at her wedding in Moscow. Diamond jewellery was estimated at four million euros.

      Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона

      We will remind, on March 27, wedding outfit, Hadiji deserved special attention. Chic outfit weighed over 25 pounds, and it was created by the legendary designer Elie Saab, who is known around the world.

      At the wedding Gutseriev has featured such celebrities as sting, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Patricia Kaas, and Alla Pugacheva. Earlier it was reported that the second part of the festival there will be concerts of Elton John. Apparently, he had in mind was this celebration that is currently taking place in London.

      After the incredible feast at the newly made spouse of the heir of a billionaire there was a whole army of fans. Social networks were full of communities, in which he discussed the style, education, manners, Hobbies Orahovac. And some shared their experiences of communicating with the girl, noting her modesty and courtesy.

      Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона
      Молодожены Гуцериевы закатили праздник на улицах Лондона

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