Гусев оправдался за «измену» Романец Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has denied allegations of infidelity. Internet users “caught” the young man in an intrigue with another woman, leaving some evidence. However, Gusev said publicly that all the talk is slander.

Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev is one of the brightest couples that came through teleproekta “Dom-2”. And although the couple had long been members of telestroke, public interest in them, their life and work has not dried up. For two, the couple’s about three million followers just on Instagram. And young people do not give a miss to his followers. They travel a lot and make a colorful photo reports, every day publish images from your daily life, in which the main theme is their relationship.

More recently, Anton and Victoria said they were going to divorce, although married only in September. Then about the reasons for the decision to leave both spoke vaguely, restricting General words. However, less than a week, as Gusev Romanets decided not to dissolve the marriage. Moreover, the couple wished to buy a house, as reported by his fans.

Anton Gusev has decided not to divorce with Victoria romanet

On the eve of Valentine’s Day when Anton and Victoria were preparing gifts, there are new rumors about the uneasy relationship in this pair.

Internet users suspected of Anton treason. In the comments Victoria-wishers wrote that allegedly Gusev came into the store and bought shoes for her, his wife, and another object – a purse, which was silent. From which he concluded – is a gift for another woman.

“I recently arrived in GUM to buy my wife a gift sneakers. In social networks began to discuss that, I bought a purse, referring to some seller. Vick, of course, tensed. Had to go to the store to talk with the administrator. It turned out that this seller really is, but it is the second year in the decree,” – said Gusev.

However, the Internet users are convinced that the rack without fire, and possible charges against Gusev reasonably. However, romanet and Gusev has promised in conversation with dom2life.ru no longer to read the comments of haters.