Gusev Romanets decided to buy a house after rumors of a divorce

Гусев и Романец решили купить дом после слухов о разводе The couple looked after townhouse in ten million rubles. Victoria romanet was told that can not to decide an ideal property and have turned to fans for advice on Instagram.

A few days ago, fans of “House-2” was shocked by the news about the impending divorce of Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet. After the wedding the lovers are never tired of telling about their feelings, and therefore in advance of their parting was a complete surprise to the public. Some time later, the man showed gorgeous gifts purchased for the second half. He assured subscribers that is not going to apply for divorce.

Now, the star couple decided to show how strong their relationship is. The couple thought about buying costly real estate. Instagram Victoria romanet spoke about how hard she is given the choice of a country cottage.

“I don’t know which location is better to take. We have a side townhouses. From this location many advantages. For example, some neighbors and the area under the yard or the Park more than those who live in the middle. But I someone wrote that the house is raw wall. Mom said that such a crude wall was in the Soviet times, and the wall of the house for such a price is unlikely to rot. Suggested to look at two more options. On Monday we will go, but there is a small slope, compare need,” wrote Victoria.

Earlier the girl told me that going to a three-storey house with an area of not less than 140 square meters. She also noted that it plans to spend for purchase about ten million rubles.

Fans of the star couple are very pleased that Victoria and Anton decided to buy a property. According to them, this will become a new step in the relationship of lovers. “We also have a house of extreme, rotten walls there. It’s a common myth”, “really cheap for Moscow. I think the townhouse this area should be more expensive”, “I Hope buying a home only unite your family,” wrote in the comments fans romanet.

Victoria herself has repeatedly admitted that he dreams of his home. However, the correct choice of real estate is only the first step. According to the girls, a big part of their family budget in the future will go to repair and decoration of real estate.

“But I wonder how long it will take to repair a three-storey house of 140 square meters with a rough finish? Mom said not less than one year,” said Romanets on Instagram.

Fans rushed to reassure the girl. They noted that the star couple have to find a good superintendent, and then the repair work will take no more than four months. Apparently, now all thoughts of the spouses are busy with the selection of real estate and thinking through the nuances of the decor. Fans hope that Anton and Vika will be able to find a really good home where they will live together for many years.