Guram bablishvili told the whole country about cheating Anfisa Chekhova

Гурам Баблишвили рассказал на всю страну об изменах Анфисе Чеховой
Learned the full truth about the divorce of TV presenter with her husband.

Гурам Баблишвили рассказал на всю страну об изменах Анфисе Чеховой

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The other day a starry sky shaken by news of the divorce Anfisa Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili. The couple, as it became known made the decision to leave after eight years of relationship. That seemed to be destroyed from the perfect marriage presenter told in the “Secret”one million.

Chekhov says that she initiated the affair with Guram. She made it her goal to get attention of hot men and won. That’s just to play a wedding with Bablishvili it was not planned. “None of us especially the wedding they wanted. I normally live without it and yet many would have lived. Guram, although he proposed to me when I was pregnant, also not in a hurry…” — said Anfisa. In the end, the wedding took place in Seychelles, when their son Solomon was for three years.

Joint life of the two artists were accompanied by frequent quarrels. Guram didn’t want to put up with strong-willed wife. “I was a hothead, a lot of exploded, but was faithful. I think he also. This question we did not get up…” — said Chekhov. But her husband also appeared in the Studio, admitted that the betrayal was.

“Honestly, I was not a faithful husband, — denied the words of the ex-wife Bablishvili. — Anfisa knew nothing about it. It wasn’t her, I didn’t have a mistress or something serious, it’s just some men’s nature. So it turned out. I love Anfisa, but we have different ways…”

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: PR NTV

And still the main reason for divorce was not adultery Guram, which Anfisa, by the way, was ready to forgive, and different temperaments. “We often talked about it, endlessly repeating, “Well, divorce!”, even when were not yet married. A crucial point put life. We’re not together for six months. I wanted to be the best wife in the world, I’m imperfect, — said Anfisa. We just drifted away from each other, I started to live my life — to go to Bali was to love loneliness, began to love one to rest, I needed to immerse yourself in. There was a time…”

From Guram at this time the parents moved to Georgia and he would often go there in order to help them settle. Gradually life at a distance has transformed his relationship with an Sa in a strong friendship. Parents Bablishvili, among other things, from the very beginning he predicted a breakup with his wife and did not approve the marriage of his son with a star. Divorce former spouses passed peacefully: Bablishvili left his wife and an apartment and a car, and she promised not to interfere with the meeting between father and son. Moreover, it is possible that Solomon may in the future move to live with his dad in Georgia.