Гундарева выбила жилье для Мадянова у мэра Москвы “StarHit” learned about the king’s gift for the artist. 22 Jul Roman Madyanov celebrating its 55th anniversary. “StarHit” contacted friends birthday and found out who he partly owes to family happiness.
Гундарева выбила жилье для Мадянова у мэра Москвы

Police officers, traffic police, different military heroes of the Novel Madyanov, though not major, but are so distinctive that you never forget anything. In 2015, the actor won the award “Golden eagle” for best actor the second plan in a film “Leviathan”. On account of Roman Sergeyevich, who on July 22, celebrating its 55th anniversary, – 142 project! Now he is popular and successful. But once, in the hungry perestroika, Madanova had to collect pennies from colleagues travel by train to the City where he lived. His apartment in the capital, the actor was not. A second home for him was the Mayakovsky Theater, where he served for 12 years.

“The period of our friendship with Roma just occurred in the 90-ies, which I call “funny and poor” at times – says “StarHit” actor Alexander Andrienko. These were considered and we. The salary of the actor of the academic theatre was equal to several bags of potatoes, or five bottles of vodka.

We were so financially insolvent that the woman does not always have enough money for a ticket home. Had to take, if there was one, or to stay in the theater. He hails from the town of Dedovsk, which is an hour drive from Moscow. There was another option – to buy a travel card and go without lunch, either to eat or to get hare. In General, the Roma have suffered, of course.

Think about it, the show ended at 10 PM, while the sho, before you know it – the night in the yard. And in those same new year’s holidays we have had for 30 performances! For example, in the tale of Ivan Tsarevich has harnessed the youth – roofing of the Lobotsky, Sasha Shavrina, Roma Madanova, me and many others. Guys, who lives nearby, had time to run home, get some sleep and back to work.

We were young, naughty and tried not to pay attention to the pricks of fate, on the contrary, made a cheerful feast. Threw off, who how much could, sausage, cheese, pickles and drinks. Puritans were not known, were able and liked to drink, but never at the expense of performance. In the era of lack of money and popularity politehnicheskii alcohol called “Royale”, which later became a cult. If it is mixed with water, it is quite digestible.

Гундарева выбила жилье для Мадянова у мэра Москвы

He quickly became the soul of the company, because he is so masterful stories at the table. However, was told no newspaper stories, and the stories, where he played different roles. Often Maganic repeated encore particularly good performances. Laughed to tears. With a sense of humor, he was fine. On his finger he wore a ring with a picture of Misha and five rings. And if someone was angry, he said: “I’m gonna – gonna go with rings in your forehead!”

One day after the next Sabantui I arrived at the theatre early, and went into the dressing room, and there, on the couch, covered with a costume, sleeping soundly Roma Madyanov. Next to the table noticed the remains of yesterday’s feast… On the train again he did not. To say we existed in the theatre and as an artist in every sense there dwelt. Moreover, there were facilities. Waking up, Medanic as if nothing had happened began to prepare for the morning show.

He was always the center of attention thanks to the actor’s talent and ease in communication. He was loved by everyone, including support staff. When I got on stage, mounter, makeup artists, costume designers stood in the wings and listened to him. Despite the housing problems, but Roman was not discouraged.

From bad thoughts were distracted by the theater and a lot of work. In parallel, acted in films and advertising. He was able to get the role even at a time when the cinema was dead. And someone bombed us, unloaded the cars with the counterfeit vodka. One actor even contracted in the business of supplying of green peas, but nearly ruined. Money is sorely needed”.

“The housing problem again got an edge when married, – says another colleague Madanova theater Sergei Rubeko. His future wife Natasha worked as a theater lighting designer. A sweet, quiet girl. All the time was next to the Roma. They began touching novel, everything happened before our eyes. So the wedding was not a surprise to anyone. Needed to move in. And then the newlyweds helped Natasha Gundareva. By the way, she, Roma and Alexander Fatyushin were favorites of artistic Director of the theatre, the distinguished Director Andrei Goncharov. But only Natasha from the trio won the sympathy and even the powers that be…

Madyanov Gundareva and friends. Of course, she was aware of his ordeal. Then she went to the mayor Yuri Luzhkov and miraculously scrounged the apartment for Romika. It was the best wedding gift! Transported rickety stools and stuff with the world on the day after the holiday.”