Гитарист «Морального кодекса» попал в реанимацию после инфаркта Nikolay Devlet-Kildeev was in the hospital. Doctors assess his condition as serious. The fans hope that the doctors will do everything possible to restore his health, and soon he will again take the stage.
Гитарист «Морального кодекса» попал в реанимацию после инфаркта

The guitarist of group “the Moral code” Nikolay Devlet-Kildeev was urgently hospitalized. 56-year-old musician was taken to hospital with suspected myocardial infarction – the doctors confirmed this diagnosis. The artist is under constant supervision of doctors, his condition is estimated as heavy.

Fans worried for the health of Devlet-kildeeva and believe that doctors will do everything possible to rescue the actor. They hope that soon again will see the musician on stage – in late July the group “Moral code” is scheduled for a concert in Moscow.

Nicholas began to work with the popular rock band since 1989. It is not just a performer of songs, but the ensemble’s music Director. Most of the songs “code of ethics” appeared thanks to Devlet-Kildeeva. However, the artist is not limited to working with the group in addition, on account of his three solo albums of guitar music. He also plays with other bands that he has created. Such activism, he explains that he has a lot of different ideas that he seeks to embody in their projects.

Many famous groups and singers were invited Devlet-kildeeva for Studio recordings of their albums and songs. Nicholas was able to work with Valeria, Alexander Ivanov, “”, “lube”, “Ivanushki International” and others. Despite the fact that he collaborated with the popular bands and among his friends there are many famous musicians, the last time he complained about the lack of invitations from the stars. That is why the artist tries not to miss anniversaries colleagues. The concert of Valery Syutkin this year, he played the guitar, and the singer started dancing. Artists are always enthusiastic about the work of the guitarist.

As reported by telegram-channel “Mash”, currently he is in intensive care.