Виновен или нет? Скандал с Михаилом Ефремовым получил продолжение
The trick of the artist called “ugly”.

A scene from “don’t be a stranger”


As previously reported, the performance of Michael Ephraim in the Samara Opera and ballet theater ended with a grandiose scandal. The actor is accused of that he came on stage very late, while, according to eyewitnesses, in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Efremov allegedly even swore at the audience from the stage. He later commented on the incident saying that he was in the way, and the audience did not understand the artistic conception of the play “don’t be a stranger.”

The case of Ephraim literally divided the stars of show business into two camps: someone came to the defense of the actor, others require the Director of the “Contemporary” to fire Michael since the incident. Among those who expect that Galina Volchek, who promised to investigate the situation, decide on the “responsibility” of the artist was Sergey Filippov, the head of the Samara Ministry of culture, personally present at the speech of Ephraim. He harshly criticized the speech of Ephraim: “the performance was as a regular viewer. To leave the play do not have the habit, even if you don’t like. The trick Ephraim believe ugly. I hope that the leadership of the “Contemporary” will find a way to apologize to the Samara public!”

At the same time the wife of Michael — Sophia Kruglikova rule out that Efremov could go on stage in a state of alcoholic intoxication. “He loves the theatre. A fanatic of his work. Play “don’t be a stranger” is one of the most beloved. I do not think that before the show he was drinking. He shooting a long time seriously. But he’s a hothead. Someone could not understand, to offend… Could get nasty, and he hates that and always responds very harshly. I think what happened is a response to something inappropriate. Hard to believe that describe the “eyewitnesses”!” — quoted by Sophia kp.ru.

In support of Mikhail expressed by many of his colleagues. Stas Sadalsky, for example, believes that Efremov could overly get in the way, and therefore allowed myself roughly to communicate with the audience. And Nikita Dzhigurda and even stated that Yefremov is so talented that he can (and should!) forgive some weaknesses.