Guillermo del Toro conceived the film about love during the Cold war

Гильермо дель Торо задумал фильм о любви во время Холодной войны

The Creator of “Pacific rim” Guillermo del Toro takes the film in an unusual genre. The Director will soon start work on a retro-melodrama, in which we will talk about the history of love during the Cold war. A more detailed description of the plot of the new film is not yet available, and the reason is that the script for the film yet ready. However, things may change in the near future. Guillermo del Toro hopes that he will become not only a Director but also screenwriter and producer of the film.

Today we know that the project was already joined actress Sally Hawkins (“Jasmine”), to follow her Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer (“Servants”), which is currently being negotiated.

We will remind, not so long ago Guillermo commented on a widespread rumor that the second film “Pacific rim” will not. Twitter del Toro left a message, which noted that it “remains on Board”, most likely as a producer.

“”Milestone 2″ was canceled? Don’t believe what they write. This picture is still being prepared, and one way or another, but I remain on Board”, said Guillermo.

By the way, places the Director of the sequel to “Pacific rim” is the Creator of the TV series “Daredevil” and “Spartacus” Stephen Denit – debutant movie for the big screen.

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