Гид по стилям интерьера

The style of the interior is the idea, put in issue all elements of the room, from the Wallpaper and finishing decor. There are many interesting design directions in which everyone can find something that is close in spirit. Because home furnishings to give comfort and pleasing to the eye.

American style

The Wallpapers in this style are usually made in bright colors. Pattern, if it exists, does not divert the attention on himself, but remains in the minor roles. Such coatings are visually expand the space, so are suitable for small and badly lit areas.

Another feature of American style in the Wallpaper is to mimic the texture of natural materials such as stone or wood. These same materials are used for decoration and making furniture.

Гид по стилям интерьера

English style

English style has always been associated with conservatism, restraint and respectability. The interior design combines new decor items and antique jewelry.

The walls are usually covered with Wallpaper with a typical ornament: floral motifs, scrolls and monograms, bright, textured colors. Floral patterns feature miniature size. Most popular colors for English Wallpaper — small roses, and wide bandwidth.

Гид по стилям интерьера

Art Deco

Art Deco originated in the 20-ies of the last century and became popular after the second world war. This style is bright and bold, it borders on bombast, but retains elegance.

On the Wallpaper in the style of art Deco are geometric shapes and rhythmic motifs, for example, pyramids or hieroglyphics. The patterns does not focus on itself. The Wallpaper can be bright and dark and rectilinear forms of the ornaments makes the room very noticeable.

Гид по стилям интерьера

Oriental style

Trends East are expressed in the use of dynamic contrasts and traditional patterns. Bright and warm colors, textured surfaces, mosaic tiles and wool carpets Oriental style.

The Oriental-style Wallpaper suitable for any room. They often resemble rough surface like stone or plaster. But there are variants with patterns. The damasks and Paisley create the unique atmosphere of the East.

Гид по стилям интерьера

Italian style

Heard about Italy, I imagine the tender Mediterranean sea and the sun-drenched olive groves. These images are reflected in the colors of the Wallpaper in the Italian style. Typical hues include warm and cool sea tones and earth colours — brown, chocolate, mustard and olive gold.

The coating is textured and simulates a natural stone or textured plaster. Quite often as ornament meet classic damasks and monograms.

Гид по стилям интерьера


Kitsch — bold and extravagant style, contact with whom should be carefully. The main part of the design space to become the wall. Wallpaper in the style of kitsch is characterized by bright colors, abstract patterns and geometric shapes. The combination of contrast and saturated shades for example red abstract patterns on a green background. With such notable Wallpaper it is important to choose the right furniture and the rest of the decor.

Гид по стилям интерьера

Classic style

The classic style embodies the European tradition of interior decoration. It is quite versatile and goes well with other areas.

The elegance of this style emphasize traditional wall coverings. Wallpaper in classic style — relaxed and neutral. Although some areas of the room to make brighter decisions. Allowed the use of fabrics with patterns: ornaments, floral, monograms and Paisley fit well in the classical setting.

Гид по стилям интерьера


Loft style appeared relatively recently, but has quickly won the hearts of design lovers. It looks simple and minimalist, the loft requires careful selection of furniture, decor and details.

This direction involves a combination of elements old and new. Cutting-edge technology harmoniously into the faded brick wall. The more worn-in and texture the walls or floor, the better.

Designs, patterns and bright floral motifs to laptevym the Wallpaper is not suitable. It is inherent in the maximum restraint and simulation of textured surfaces such as plaster Board, brick or stone.

Гид по стилям интерьера


The main features of minimalism is clear from its title: geometric shapes, plenty of space and a minimum of furniture. The room has only the Essentials and each of them is strictly in place.

Walls can be left blank or decorated with a pattern to create a color spot in the room. Wallpaper in the style of minimalism, monochrome and dull, simulating different surfaces — stone, canvas, plaster.

Гид по стилям интерьера


Interior art Nouveau style grew out of the decorative art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the most important elements of art Nouveau is form. The emphasis is on smooth and rounded lines.

The modern interior is very simple and even minimalistic, with a small number of decorative colors. So the Wallpaper in the art Nouveau style come with soothing wall colours and are almost invisible ornaments.

Гид по стилям интерьера


Provence is called French country style. Forget about the crazy rhythm of the city, because the Provence will captivate you in an old-fashioned and simple life. This style is appropriate to use furniture with a delicate, carved details, stone or brick floors, baskets and paintings on the walls.

To create a cozy atmosphere of selected pastel Wallpaper in warm tones. Flowers, especially the pattern of roses, is very popular and is often found on the Wallpaper in the style of Provence.

Гид по стилям интерьера

French style

French style is much different from Provence, although the birthplace is one. French interior design is characterized by elegance, quirkiness and decorative. As an accent use lots of parts made of gold, bronze and gold.

In the atmosphere it is customary to combine modern furniture and lighting Antiques and vintage pieces in the style of French kings.

In the Wallpaper in a French style, no white. It is better to choose low-key canvas and pastel colors — blue, silver or purple. Sometimes used floral patterns that mimic vintage chintz.

Гид по стилям интерьера


In recent years this style has become very popular among those who keep his body in shape and cares about the environment. Ekostil settled in city apartments, creating the atmosphere of nature. This direction is a bit like a loft in that it is also common to combine natural materials (wood, stone imitation textures) and modern furniture and equipment.

Natural design like space, and therefore the ecological style Wallpaper in light color, monochrome, expanding space. In addition, the Wallpaper pattern copies the natural texture.

Don’t focus on the classics, experiment and combine different directions. Gentle and simple French Provence or bold and kitsch — and what the style of your house?