Guide Google apologized for an April fool’s joke with a minion

Руководство Google извинилось за первоапрельскую шутку с миньоном

By the evening of 1 April, after numerous read online comic news – and not very funny – the idea is only one: it’s good that April fool’s Day came to an end. Among the most successful jokes of the day include a raffle, which was invented for users of Google: Gmail has a funny GIF with a minion – nothing, but some users accidentally put it in a business letter.

On the GIF called Mic Drop minion in the crown throws the microphone on the floor – in a sign that the speech is over. The picture appear when clicking on the usual button “Send and save”. The problem is that not all users understand the joke and how it works, and sifco, unwittingly, sent to your business partners and strict supervisors.

Руководство Google извинилось за первоапрельскую шутку с миньоном

The result of the draw was a series of complaints that went to the team of Google. One user even says that he lost because of the ill-fated minion in the crown of the work:

Thanks Mic Drop I just lost my job. I’m a writer, and I had the deadline of the delivery of the text. I sent their texts to the boss, but she said nothing. It turned out I accidentally attached the GIF. I had to make article edits, and I waited for her comments. It hurt animation with Mignon: she decided that I mock her. I was awakened by a very angry message from her, which I found out about this “very funny” joke.

Soon the button, pinning animation with a minion, disappeared from Gmail, and the Google representative said at the time:

Well, it looks like this time we made fools of themselves. Due to flaws the button with the Mic Drop has brought more problems than laughter. We are very sorry. We have disabled this feature if you still see it, just reload the page.

Руководство Google извинилось за первоапрельскую шутку с миньоном

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