Gufan have had a conflict with a new spouse ISA Anokhina

У Гуфа возник конфликт с новым супругом Айзы Анохиной
Recently rapper Guf returned from Bali, where he met with his ex-wife and son, Sam.

У Гуфа возник конфликт с новым супругом Айзы Анохиной

The man admitted that he could not find a common language with the current husband of ISA, the surfer does Anaheim. The musician remained on friendly terms with ex-wife, and is apparently not satisfied with the new wife women.

“I’m completely sober and angry. Vacationed in Bali, damn it. I have not grown together friendship with this isinym man, excuse me for the expression, which says to me: “don’t write my wife.” You go. “Don’t write your wife?” It’s the mother of my children, you moron. I write it only for Sam. I don’t need it after you. Maybe I tresnjak, but it happens all the crazies in the fall. If I go crazy, I’m going to Durkee, will lie a month in and out, I could enjoy another two years,” protested the rapper.

This statement Gufa surprised his followers, they did not know how to respond to such negativity on the part of the musician.

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