Guf threatens fierce violence of the Russian rappers

Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам Alexey Dolmatov never ceases to amaze its many fans. The last couple of days Guf regularly allows himself to critical remarks about other performers. Under the distribution were not only bird, and that’s that Oxxxymiron, but the younger generation, including Hook and inversion.
Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам

Alexey Dolmatov, known as the Guf, recently arrived in Moscow from Bali, where he was vacationing far from civilization and interacted with the people – his ex-wife ISA and son Sam. Upon returning home, the man got in touch with the members and held a very emotional broadcast in which strongly commended the colleagues. Got not only Kryptonite starring in the music video Guf Video for the song “Generation”, and then criticized him, but many others – baste, Oxymoron, inversion and T-fest.

Rapper Guf conflicts with the new spouse ISA

“You messed with the shore? The pharaohs, T-Festa, who are you to me pissed off? Who are you? Come here!.. What Oxxxymiron, go learn at Oxford in order to understand it – I don’t understand,” shared the rapper.
Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам

Guf Basta accused of unwillingness to come to the aid of friends and Kryptonite – of ingratitude. According to the rapper Vasily Vakulenko supposedly doesn’t keep his words. “Before I used drugs, have you ever been able to call and to put me in rehab?” – asked the rapper to baste. As for Kryptonite, that, as the former member of Centr, was at his house, and then said that “contagious”, she appeared in the music video Gufa and Timothy.

Dolmatov also not left without attention the invitation for the rap battle by a former associate on the group of Centr David Nureyev, acting under the pseudonym bird. Men have long been in conflict. Guf harshly criticized rap battles, comparing them to “cowboy office” and also put forward a condition. Alexey has told that is ready for a public fight with David, but for a substantial fee in the amount of two million rubles.

Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам“I’m by myself. You well know it. I’m a bully. I want two million and a new car, because I’m a life deprived of rights. You know? And you, “feathered”, I will come alone or with kids, and it will be your funeral,” asked Gough to Bird.
Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам

Fans didn’t know how to respond to loud statements Dolmatova. Someone supported Alexis, saying that we need urgently to record a new track. Others decided that the rapper is going through a difficult period when he was saddled with a large number of problems. At the same time, some social media users expressed concern about the mental state of the man.

Later Gough made in one of the capital’s clubs. The man again criticized colleagues – as representatives of the young generation and former bandmate Centr.

“Come On, Fara. Who are you? Cock. Got. The Pharaohs, Kryptonite, Ti-Fests. I’m in the area, who knows it? Bird, you’re in this area, come here. I’m not blowing, sniffing. Where gangsta rap? I will destroy them all before the New year. Will go in Durkee, will be there a week and will come again. You like gangsta rap? Fuck you all who insulted me. (…) I’m a little crazy,” he shared Guf under the cheers of the spectators.

Rappers got acquainted with the emotional speech Gufa. Some of them responded to him on social networks. So, Restaurateur expressed willingness to pay the man two million rubles for participation in the project “versus”. The man also said that the bird can get one million.

Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам“Apparently, until February we all will discuss. Or not discuss. I do not know whether any other reason. If people want to see – let’s do it. No one not asking for money, I’ll find the money. There will be a lot of advertising, we cram, we will work on zero, but will give the boys money. But I’m afraid it will set a precedent. Then Leh, the Copper says to me, “Give me half of the battle,” said Restaurateur during a live broadcast.

Zaman, one of the leaders of the creative Association “AntiHIV”, supported Alexei. “Respect!” – he said on Twitter. Drago suggested that Gufa intoxication. “I went as sokuhou”, he added.

Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам“Sanya, Restaurateur, if you give Alex lemons, I’m already booking tickets for “versus” Peter” – spoken by Smokey Mo.

The impressive size of the fee Gufa for participation in a public duel with Bird provoked lively discussions in the Network. Fans of the rap-battle wrote, I’m looking forward to the confrontation between the two former members of Centr.

Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам“Gufu really pay 2 mil for versus with Bird. It turns out, the Guf is the highest paid battle rapper in history?..” perplexed blogger Yury Khovansky.
Гуф угрожает свирепой расправой российским рэперам

As for Oxymoron, he started a discussion with the Body. First, Miron Fyodorov tried to support colleague in the shop, deciding that he suffers from fatigue. Dolmatov has commented on a tweet of Oxymoron live.

“What did you say?! In the mirror. You look at yourself. What are you going to tell me? You know your words even you know? You understand what you read? Who do you tell? (…) Hydroxy, Oksana. In the mirror, look at yourself. How he will collect “Olympic”? He’s not going to take “Olympic”. Timan will gather,” said Gough, referring to Timothy.

Fedorov is not left without a response to emotional words Dolmatova and published a post on Twitter. Oxxxymiron expressed surprise at the reaction of Alex.

“I’ll try next time without all this Oxford snobbishness, and that word is still not clear. Will be as follows: “‘Brother, you there, well, this thing and everything” – said Fedorov.

In turn, Basta hastened to refute the quote Gufa about the fact that he supposedly doesn’t keep his word. Vakulenko has published a screenshot of correspondence with Dolmatov, in which he accused the companion of the misconduct. Basil stated that it helped Alex.

“I remember my arrival to your detox when you begged you nowhere to put. (…) You should be ashamed, Alex. All the way you complained that I (the villain) walk into your life. I’m sorry to hear in your address outright lies. But I’m used to such behavior on your part. You too quickly forget the human attitude, starting to throw all the mud. I feel sorry for you…” – quoted Basta one of his messages Gufu.