Guf Keti Topuria managed to date live

Гуф и Кети Топурия устроили свидание в прямом эфире Artists who claim that between them exceptionally friendly relations, fueled rumors about the alleged affair. Guf suggested Keti Topuria to get in touch with the fans. The actors joked a lot and had fun.
Гуф и Кети Топурия устроили свидание в прямом эфире

Not so long ago the soloist A’studio Katie Topuria announced her separation from husband businessman Lev Gamanam. The artist, who attributed the affair with rapper Body, again not in a hurry to share the details of his personal life. Recently, the celebrity fueled rumors about the passion of hip-hop performer. Katie and Gough, better known as Alexey Dolmatov, held a joint stream in Instagram.

During the live broadcast artists fooled around and joked a lot. According to Katie, the fans asked her to get in touch with someone from the star friends. “With Emin?” asked Dolmatov. “Don’t be jealous,” said Topuria. The stars are not only exchanged compliments, but also remembered the rumors that circulated in the Network.

“Is it true that you love Keti Topuria? Is it true that you’re together in Thailand, the rest?” – asked the actress to the other, barely holding back laughter.
Гуф и Кети Топурия устроили свидание в прямом эфире

Kathy noted that many fans often ask her about the relationship with the Body. Topuria and Dolmatov decided to lift the veil of secrecy and staged a joint stream. “Everyone asks how we communicate. That’s how we communicate,” commented the singer. Then the artist invited Alex to share an interesting story with your followers. “Maybe something will tell? Something not about us,” said she.

While Katie and Guf talked live, social media users wrote comments in which they share feelings from their dialogue. According to some of the subscribers artists, those are perfect for each other. “On one wave”, “the Perfect pair”, is discussed in the Network.

Гуф и Кети Топурия устроили свидание в прямом эфире

Informed Dolmatov has spoken about the alleged affair with Topuriya. According to Alexey, they couple are in friendly relations. The publication of the fact that he’s Dating the lead singer of pop group, Guf called untrue.

“We had a good talk with Kathy, friends. But we are not so close to travel together to relax. And how we spent vacation on one island, I found out only on arrival in Moscow. I have great respect for Katie and her family. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this affair. I, as a person and so not with the best reputation, this may be even at hand, but could think of someone else,” said the rapper.

By the way, not so long ago ex-girlfriend Gufa ISA publicly humiliated him. Businesswoman has released a Diss track Dolmatova. According to the woman, it does not suit the behavior of the rapper. She also threatened Alexis prohibition of communication with a son Sam.