Gucci ads banned due to “too skinny and dark” models

Рекламу Gucci запретили из-за "слишком худой и мрачной" модели

Not for the first time advertising campaigns for leading fashion Houses are banned because of the appearance in them too skinny models. This time in the UK banned the advertising of Gucci.

The British Council of advertising standards (Advertising Standards Authority) deemed this campaign “irresponsible”. All the matter in one of its models: girl, dressed in a dress with zigzags and leaning against the wall, according to critics, looks frail and thin. In a statement, the organization States that the torso and hands the model in the photo is “not proportionate to the head and lower body”.

Her pose emphasizes the waist, which seems very thin. We also believe that her somber expression and dark makeup, especially around the eyes, making the face look like the face of a Ghost,

– says the representative of the ASA.

Рекламу Gucci запретили из-за "слишком худой и мрачной" модели
The model, which has banned ads Gucci

Meanwhile, the leadership Gucci disagrees with the allegations and believes such an opinion is subjective. As representatives of the brand, the face models are underlined natural makeup, not intended to emphasize their thinness, and the advertising “aimed at an adult audience”, and therefore has no negative impact on the younger generation.

Recall that a few months ago we watched a similar story with advertising Saint Laurent: summer 2015 the same advice on advertising standards it was inappropriate for the campaign with the participation of the owners of fragile pieces Kiki Willems.

Рекламу Gucci запретили из-за "слишком худой и мрачной" модели
Banned advertising Saint Laurent

There might be opposite incidents: recently, for example, two American channel without explanation, refused to show commercials of lingerie Lane Bryant, which starred Ashley Graham, and other models plus-size.

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