Guard Monica Bellucci beat Russian journalists

Охрана Моники Беллуччи избила российских журналистов

Monica Bellucci for the third time flew to Moscow to film Director Emir Kusturica to present their new film “On the milky way.”

Foreign guests were scheduled several events, including a press lunch, shortly before which Monica was embroiled in an unpleasant incident.

52-year-old Italian girl came out of the hotel “Baltschug” and the village prepared for her in the car. At this time, two men await her at the entrance rushed to the car to get an autograph. As it turned out, it was a photographer and journalist Omar Foresters and Anton Romanov, respectively.

The protection is closer to a protected object seemed inappropriate, because men pushed from the car, which untied the fight.

It’s not like the man with a camera in hand, he began to shout to the protection of the famous actress unflattering epithets, than was instantly infuriated the men in the suits.

Eventually the men were knocked down on the pavement, so subdued, even though the cost of a few bruises.

By the way, on a press-lunch Bellucci still got. There, the actress admitted that very much loves Russia because she was close to the Slavic culture: “This is my third visit to Moscow, and here I feel very comfortable, I loved your Slavic culture is the combination of the tragic and the comic, the ability to survive, and faith in tomorrow no matter what”.

In addition Monica complained that she still was not able to collaborate with Russian Directors: “I am familiar with the works of such Russian Directors as Eisenstein, Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov. Two years ago I saw in Cannes a great movie “Leviathan” — Russia has interesting Directors. I would be glad to consider interesting offers from Russian Directors, but I have not yet received”.