Grown up son, lyaysan Utyasheva made her cry

Подросший сын Ляйсан Утяшевой заставил ее плакать Athlete happy marriage with Paul Will. The couple are raising a son and a daughter. The heir on the eve of the pairs was four years old. Star mom touching congratulated the boy on Instagram.
Подросший сын Ляйсан Утяшевой заставил ее плакать

Laysan utiasheva carefully protects children from excessive attention of journalists. That is why the athlete rarely is shared with fans photos of Robert and Sophia on the page in a social network. But on the day of his son’s birth star is still laid out the grown-up boy. However, on bright scenes he covers his face with a hand.

“Here he is four year old adult son! Today is your day, your party, you called their friends and said, “today We are going to have fun.” Have fun! Happily, loudly,” signed by the son utiasheva.

Rosie herself admitted that growing up, Robert makes her conflicting emotions. The boy is growing fast, showing independence. According to the actress, he is ready to take care of her younger sister Sofia, where just a week ago was two years old.

“Mom you today crying all day! Very sentimental today! Rob, we love you very much. Health to you and be happy”, – congratulated the happy boy utiasheva.

Recall that this fall, sportswoman and resident of Comedy Club will celebrate five year wedding anniversary. Recently Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will have arranged a romantic trip to the UAE. However, they try to leave the kids and give them every spare minute. As he told the gymnast, her husband also believes that children earlier to display and show their faces in the pictures online.

“As soon as Robert and Sophia reach adulthood, or at least 12 years and willing to put in the accounts in social networks all the baby pictures with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. The only thing at the moment, we are trying to lobby for our children, shielding them from too much attention. We don’t yet understand how they want this attention,” commented Rosie.