Grown up daughter Olga Bartunkova made an impression on her fans

Повзрослевшая дочь Ольги Картунковой произвела впечатление на ее фанатов The actress posted a photo of the heiress in the microblog. Olga Bartunkova publicly congratulated her with adulthood. The followers of the star in Instagram acceded to the wishes and expressed his admiration for the beauty of the birthday girl.

Actress Olga Bartunkova trying to be not just a responsible mother, but also an understanding friend for their children. The woman has a son Alexander and daughter Victoria, who grew up in an atmosphere of care, love and humor. On the eve of the family of the artist was a significant event: her heiress celebrated the day of birth. The star decided to share the joy with the users of the social network and published in his account of the hero of the occasion. Celebrity signed post touching words, stressing that despite the number of years the birthday girl is still very little.

“My joy, my life, my pride! You today 18 years! You’re so big and so small. How much is waiting for you ahead! So many interesting things! We have adequately educated you, try to get it through his entire life. We are not perfect parents, but know and remember that it was all done out of love and respect for you! Every parent wants his child to be happy. Take care of yourself, it’s important. Happy birthday!” – said Olga

The reaction of the followers of the artist was unexpected. In addition to the wishes, kind words and instruction of the young beauty they admired her charm. Some even started an argument on who of the parents like the girl. But all unanimously agreed that Victoria has an attractive appearance and a radiant smile.

“How quickly kids grow! Happiness and health to your child!”, “I wish the birthday girl good luck and execution of desires! And mom and dad to be patient in order to ward off suitors! Because this hot they will crowd to run!”, “Such a beauty like you, Olechka! Well-being of your entire family,” commented fans recording favorite.

By the way, Bartunkova doesn’t just love their children but understands them. For example, two years ago, she said, with a heavy heart, decided his son to go into the army. According to the artist, to accept the idea of Sasha was very difficult. It was frightened at the thought of a long separation with the heir and that at the time of service may occur unpleasant things. However, the woman is not forbidden for a young man to do what he wants. Olga Bartunkova: “I am opposed to the son were in the army”